Mar 22, 2024 I successfully defended my doctoral dissertation! commencement ceremony on May 18th!
Jan 15, 2024 Our exciting new paper titled EyeTrans: Merging Human and Machine Attention for Neural Code Summarization, accepted at FSE 2024
Jan 1, 2024 Our Tool Demo paper titled CodeGRITS: A Research Toolkit for Developer Behavior and Eye Tracking in IDE, accepted at ICSE2024
Aug 28, 2023 I am serving on the PC for the Gaze meets ML workshop 2023 at NeurIPS, please consider sumitting your work!
Jul 15, 2023 Our Tool Demo paper titled A Language Model of Java Methods with Train/Test Deduplication, accepted at ESEC/FSE2023
Jul 7, 2023 Our New Ideas and Emerging Research (NIER) paper on automated prediction of where programmers look, accepted at ASE2023